Centrum Edukacji Zdroje
ul. Jabłoniowa 15 · Szczecin szkoły dla młodzieży od 1998r.

About CEZ

About CEZ
The Center of Education „Zdroje” is situated in Szczecin (15 Jabłoniowa str.).
It had been established in 1998, initially as The Further Education School for Adults. Within a few years of schools were added: The General Education Upper Secondary (ICT branch) and The Vocational Upper Secondary School (economy and hairdressing branch) both for the adults and for the youth.

The label of the Center is its well-qualified staff and up – to date equipment. All the courses have been run in a modern building with the access to network and workshop sites meeting in full requirements of the 21 st Century, therefore assuring the effective and ergonomic conditions, both for a teaching and a learning process.

The school is located in the outskirts of The Beech Hills and The Beetch WildlifePark. The numerous tourist routes, The Emerald Lake and other attractive landscapes supplement the values of the Center and give the opportunity to organize plenary sessions as an additional and very innovative method of teaching.

The schools of The Center of Education „Zdroje” provide education for adults as well as for the youth. At present, there are above 900 students attending various types of courses run in the different forms: full time evening classes, full time and part time courses, extramural studies.

After graduation the students of a general education or vocational upper secondary school obtain The final examination Certificate (called in the Polish system of education “Matura”) and in case of those who had been graduated from a vocational type of school, The Professional Qualifications Certificate on the national level (comparable with The British NVQ).

The Further Educational School in the following branches:
- Tourism Industry Service
- Informatics
- Protection of Persons and Possessions (Security Industry Service)
- Administration
- Accountancy
- Hotel Industry Service
- Economy
- Horse Breeding
- Hairdressing

The Vocational Training Upper Secondary Schools (called “Technikum” in the Polish System of Education) in the following branches:
- Economy
- Commerce
- Hairdressing

General Education Upper Secondary School (called “Liceum” in the Polish System of Education).

In order to make the education the most efficient the Center of Education “Zdroje” organizes for its students a practical training in banks, offices, public institutions, travel agencies, security staff agencies, stud farms as well as on the ferries: Polferies and Unity Line.

The perfect location, very comfortable junctions (train, bus, highwayin the close surrounding) causes that the students of The Center of Education “Zdroje” are recruited not only from Szczecin but also Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship.

The Center Of Education “Zdroje” takes part in various charity actions on national level such as “Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy” The Big Orchestra of Christmas Help (a money raising action which profits are appropriated to the equipment for the childcare hospitals in Poland) cooperates with The Maltanian Chavaliers Medical Service from Poland and UE.

In May 2003 The International Conference: “Voluntary work contra commercialism” was held in The Center, in which the guests from German, Belgium and The Netherlands participated.

The students of Center Of Education “Zdroje” support, in a very active way, all the activities organized by the school.